about danish theatre

Danish Theatre is an employers and industry association for professional theatres and performing arts producers in Denmark.
The members include one man theatres, project theatres, locally bound theatres, the regional stages, The Danish National Opera, The Royal Danish Theatre, and the theatres in the larger cities.

Danish Theatre is organized as a members’ union with a board chosen by the general assembly. The secretariat offer the members legal counselling, network activivities and protection of political interests

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As the unifying association of the Danish performing arts industry Danish Theatre is dedicated to give performing artists and theatres a clear voice in the public debate and among politicians, authorities and stakeholders.

In the union Danish Theatre, we work to make way for a rich and diverse performing arts industry with respect for the different artistic expressions, institutions and interests of the field.

Danish Theatre offers relevant professional information to the member theatres as well as to the public and the political authorities in order to qualify the public debate and strengthen the political processes and the daily work of the theatres.


We want to strengthen the public and political focus on the value of performing arts in society and its social significance to our democracy, cultural and social cohesion and the Danish cultural heritage.

We will that ensure that a diverse performing arts industry is formed by structures that give the institutions the best possible working conditions and that theatre and stage art becomes a more natural and larger part of more people’s consciousness.

We want to be the natural choice for all stage arts producers as well as for the public, collaborations and political authorities when they need professional feedback, information and specific solutions regarding the performing arts field.


Community and unity


Relevance and professional


Visible in the public debate